Kids love rocks.  I don’t know about you, but we have quite a large collection at our house.  They are really quite practical for kids, and certainly less pricey than collecting  Skylanders.  With rocks, kids can practice skipping, build structures and sort by color, shape or size.  And now we can put them to use for Teacher Appreciation Week, the second week of May!

Pet Rock Paperweight

Remember collecting rocks when you were a kid?  I remember when we used to paint rocks with faces on them, our “pet” rocks.  Sometimes we would even write clever messages on them like, “Turn me over.”  and on the other side, “Thank you”, or “You just took orders from a rock!”  We were very clever indeed.

I was recently inspired by Kim, from the Queen of Arts on Etsy.  She has taken this rock thing to an amazing level.   She leaves rocks with inspirational messages in public places for strangers to find, all  in order to “spread a little more love in my world.”  Random acts of kindness…truly amazing.  But I digress…back to what we can do for our teachers.

kim 2

You can make this gift for almost no money, it encourages thought (and writing of course), and will make a gift any teacher will treasure.  We will use our music teacher rock as our example here.

First, we wrote a list of words that describe the teacher’s profession. Thoughtful and sneaky writing.

word list

Then with a very small amount of acrylic paint, we transformed the grey rock, which has now become our “paper”,  into a brilliant blue.  While the paint drys, have your kiddo choose the word he wants to use.

paint the rock

Choose a word from the list and write it on the rock with a sharpie marker or a paint pen.

finished music rock

Finally, if you have some around, paint or spray on some sealer.

Viola!  A speedy, inexpensive and very thoughtful gift.  And a cool writing activity too! Beste geld verdienen online casino deutschland.

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